Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Board issued direction to PR CCITs reg Biometric Attendance

"....Accordingly, all Pr.CCsIT (CCA) /Pr.DCsIT(CCA)/ CCsIT/DGsIT are requested to take immediate necessary steps for installation of die Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance System
in the offices under their administrative control within the timelines prescribed in the DOPT's OM stated above and a report forwarded to this office for perusal of Chairperson CBDT by February 15, 2015. ..."
Click here for the order

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Operational Vehicles : Used for which operation ?

One of our viewers asked this question of course with a request of anonymity.
Let’s have a quick look about the scheme and actual use of operational vehicles in Income Tax Department, perhaps the same in every other central department.
Operational vehicles have been introduced in this department for smooth departmental operation. Instead of buying new cars and bearing responsibility of recruiting staff car drivers, hired cars without any recurring liability had been preferred by Govt. Each vehicle is being taken on rent at the cost of Rs 40,000/- plus service tax as applicable (including the cost of driver). Each and every CIT charge is allotted 2 to 4 operational vehicles. The fund is diverted from the 1% incentive scheme. The question is what purpose the cars actually serve. It is being used for private purposes of the officers of the department. It is mostly used to carry the officers (who are not entitled to get the facility) from their residence to office and back. It is also being used for other necessary operations like bringing their children to school / college, shopping for the family members and to meet other important household obligations. Those officers using the car are also enjoying Transport Allowance as per rules (not less than Rs 6400/- p.m. including D.A. thereon). It is rarely seen that any employee of the department have been allowed to do any official outdoor duty with these vehicles.
It is not surprising that IRS Association and ITGOA had never said anything on records against this practice as their members are the beneficiary of this privilege. But ITEF leaders who do not get this facility widely are also mum on this issue for some unknown reason. Solidarity for their elder brothers of ITGOA may be a possible reason.

When the Government is on austerity measure and cutting non plan expenditures, will somebody look into this drainage of money for gain of a handful of officers?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Board issues direction for DPC for Gr B & C posts for vacancy year 2014-15 as per existing RR

Finally some good news for Gr C employees ! CBDT directed all Pr CCITs to conduct DPC for vacancy year 2014-15. As the new RRs yet to be accorded DOPT clearance, CCITs may go ahead with existing recruitment rules for promotion to the post of Gr B & Gr C categories.
"For the 'Executive Assistant(EA) grade. which has been approved to be created by merger of the grades of OS, Sr. TA & Steno Gr.I, the new Recruitment Rules for Executive Assistant cadre is also not yet notified. Therefore. I am directed to clarify that current
Recruitment Rules for the grades of OS. Sr. TA & Steno (Gr. I (which would merge into the single cadre of Executive Assistant upon notification of the Recruitment Rules for the latter) may
be utilized by DPCs. In other words. DPCs for promotion of Sr TA to OS. TA to.Sr TA & Steno Gr II (erstwhile Steno Grade III) to Steno Gr. 1 are to be conducted. For the limited purpose of
quantifying vacancies for conducting DPCs, the number of posts notified for the EA grade may be further trifurcated in each CCA region among OS/Sr. TA/Steno Gr. I in the same ratio as the
pre-restructuring number of sanctioned posts in these grades. "
The DPCs may kindly be conducted by 21.12.2014 in all cadre controlling Regions.
Click here for the instruction from HRD dated 02.12.2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

Update of departmental issues - ITEF version

Mr N.R. Parmar, I.T.O.,  who himself became a history in Income Tax Dept. for his much discussed court case, retired on superannuation on 29.11.2014.
ITEF, Central HQ recently issued circular regarding pending issues of the department including RRs, filling up of posts, Laptop to Inspectors etc. Important points discussed with new chairperson and intimated to members as under.
Filling up of Post of RY 2014-15.
On the basis of imputs that the DoPT may require more time to consider and approve the RRs of various cadres in the Department and the rider attached to the instant instructions on the matter, it was decided to go with the existing Recruitment Rules for all the cadres for filling up of vacancies for the Rect. Year 2014-15.  It was also decided to move separately to the Competent Authorities to get relaxation for filling up the posts in the Inspectors cadre lying vacant for want of candidates in one of the two categories by considering the candidates in the other category.   The instructions for holding DPC meetings and effecting promotions on the above lines will be issued shortly.
Deptl. Examination Results.
The declaration of results of the Departmental Examination for Inspectors is likely to be delayed till December, 2014 due to some technical problem in the answer papers of Delhi Region. 
Laptops to ITIs & Mobile handsets to all.
Still pending with Dept. of Expenditure - "We have also been informed that the IFU (Dept. Of Revenue) after returning the files quite a number of times for clarification etc. has finally approved the two proposals viz. Laptops to Inspectors and Mobile Handsets to all personnel out of the 1% incentive fund.  These proposals have been submitted to the Department of Expenditure for  Govt.’s final approval."
For other details, Click Here for original circular

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Re examination (DE-2014) for Income Tax Inspectors Exam in Delhi region

The Board has notified for re examination in all the subjects for all those who appeared in the Deptt. Examination 2014 for IITs,of Delhi region again to be held in Dec, 14
This examination will be held between 15th and 18th December 2014.
The reason for re exam is not disclosed , only "unavoidable reasons" mentioned in the letter issued by board.
Thus it is evident that it will take more time to publish the all India result unless board decides to publish the other region results without waiting for Delhi region, which seems unlikely.
Click here for the full letter
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