Thursday, November 26, 2015

JCA issued circular regarding suspension of Agitation and protest against derogatory recommendations of the 7th CPC

Suspension of agitation to continue for two more weeks.
"Central JCA has decided to allow some more time to the CBDT enabling them to settle the issues and accordingly it was decided to suspend the agitation for another 2(two) weeks. It was also decided that if no settlement comes in-between, the JCA will be re-launching the programme of agitation immediately."
Regarding promotion to ACIT
"The proposal for 180 promotions in the cadre of ACIT against the vacancies of the R.Y. 2014-15 has been sent to the UPSC. The objections raised by the UPSC in the said proposal are addressed and the proposal was finally been accepted by the UPSC on 23-11-2015. The verdict of the Court Case pending before the Ernakulam CAT is expected to be pronounced by the end of this week and the UPSC is supposed to give the date of DPC after that."

Saturday, November 21, 2015

JCA maintains silence about next course of action. ITGOA to hold Biennial General Body Meeting

Surprisingly JCA is yet to come out with the decisions taken on 19th Novemebr's meeting even after two days. Did the meeting actually take place as scheduled ? There seems to be no progress in the CBDT regarding DPC or other issues. Perhaps the leaders are too busy with some other more serious concerns and did not consider it necessary to inform the members about the decision, if any, regarding further course of action.
43rd Biennial General Body Meeting of ITGOA at Guwahati
ITGOA issued notice to hold it's Biennial General Body Meeting at Hotel Green View Resort, Khanapara, Guwahati, Assam on  20th, 21st & 22nd December, 2015 to elect new office bearers and discuss other organizational issues including accounts.
Click here for the notice
In a separate communication, ITGOA urged all state units to remove the deficiencies in APAR of ITOs so that DPC can be done within March 2016 (upto R.Y. 2016-17). In this communication (dated 21/11/15) they only informed that "The proposal for the ACIT promotion for the R.Y. 2014-15 of 180 officers has gone to the UPSC already" but no update or any development for the charter of demand and Revenue Secretary's direction and consequences. 
Click here for ITGOA communication on deficient APAR
Perhaps the leaders are too busy to hold  Biennial General Body Meeting rather than pursuing demands. The number game seems to be more important in election politics !
ITEF to hold secretarial meeting on 11.12.15
Another partner of JCA decided to hold meeting on 11th December to review    suspended agitational programme called by JCA and to decide upon the future course of action.
But while the big brothers (ITGOA) are silent about next course of action, it is doubtful whether the association can take any decision of it's own !
The "three weeks" suspension of agitation seems to be endless.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

ITGOA issues circular to pacify AO/PS

The five point charter of demands which did not include anything regarding A.O. or P.S. has been the topic of criticism of the segment. To pacify the anger and disappointment of A.O. and P.S. which is considered as a "votebank" of the association, ITGOA came out with detailed circular detailing the effort it put in resolving the issues pertaining to A.O. and P.S. The issues include promotional avenue, recruitment rules, laptop etc.
The circular is totally silent about any development about the five point charter of demands on which each and every member is eager to know.
Click here for ITGOA circular no. 12 dated 17.11.2015

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Any progress regarding demands of JCA or "direction" of Revenue Secretary ?

Update : ITGOA secretarial committee to meet on 19th Nov to review the implementation of decisions taken in the meeting with R.S. and other pending issues. Click here for the notice.

After one week of the suspension of agitation of JCA , members are in dark about any progress regarding the charter of demands. Leaders did not bother to apprise the members , if any, about developments as usual. While the rank and file joined the movement wholeheartedly and stopped agitation following the direction of the leadership, they should have a right to be updated. Following questions are being asked but nobody to answer.
1. Whether the DPC proposal for 2014-15 submitted to UPSC ? If so, what is the current status ?
2. As per JCA circular, the exact number of vacancies to be "ascertained by the CBDT within a week’s time, taking JCA into confidence." Is it ascertained so far ? 
3. Whether CBDT took any step to vacate the stay order of Ernakulam CAT ?
4. Whether any progress have been done for DPCs of 2015-16 and 2016-17 ?
5. Any update about the Recruitment Rules of Gr B and C cadres ?
Readers may view the circular of JCA on 3.11.2015 while suspending agitation. Click here

And the most important question is whether the directions of R.S. (As claimed in JCA circular) went to CBDT in writing or it was a mere verbal assurance to the leaders to pacify ?

Hope, JCA leadership with come out with detailed circular with answers to the above questions because time is running out quickly and they should take the responsibility to inform the members about the happenings.

The present Chairperson, CBDT is going to retire on 30th November and everybody knows that generally the new incumbent takes his own time regarding policy decisions.

Friday, November 6, 2015

New performance appraisal proforma for I-T officials on cards

New Delhi, Nov 6 (PTI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the I-T department will introduce a system of online scrutiny of returns and modify the performance appraisal proforma of officials with a view to motivating them to pass correct orders and also check corruption.
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