Thursday, July 2, 2015

North West Region prepared seniority list of Inspectors for promotion according to NRP

NWR has prepared and circulated revised tentative seniority list of Inspectors according to prevailing High Court decisions and after implementing N R Parmar judgement of Supreme Court. DPC to the cadre of ITO is going to be convened very soon. Hope the other charges do the exercise in a time bound manner so that promotions may be effected in all charges. And needless to say, promotion to the cadre of ACIT is also depending on the implementation of NRP throughout the country upto a great extent. This promotion can only open the avenue for sub sequential promotion to the lower cadres due to cascading effect.
Click here for the Eligibility List of Inspectors in NWR 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Board issued clarification about unfilled ITI post from steno quoto

"Some CCA Regions have sought a clarification, whether the Steno quota for promotion to Income Tax !nspector (ITI) which remains unfilled in a particular year, gets merged into a common pool of ITI vacancies for the next vacancy year and is redistributed in the prescribed ratio of 3:1 among Ministerial and steno cadres or, remains earmarked forever for filling up by Steno cadres only.
The issue has been examined. It is clear from a reading of RRs that the vacancy in ITI grade for the relevant vacancy year is to be divided among Ministerial and steno cadres in the prescribed ratio. It is a settled matter that vacancies remaining unfilled after conduction of DPCs, of any year get carried forward and merged with the vacancies arising in the next year. Thus, an unfilled post of Steno quota merges into the common pool of ITI vacancies for the next year, and will be redistributed between the Ministerial and Steno cadres, to be filled in the manner prescribed in the RRs of ITI of 1969, as amended in 1986 and read with CBDT order dated 04.06.2001 and dated 07.03.2005."
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Board issued direction to conduct DPC for vacancy year '15-16 as per old RR

The much awaited instruction has just now released'
" DPCs are to be conducted for Group B & C grades (and also for the posts of Pr. Administrative Officer, which is a Group 'A' post) by the Pr. CCsIT for the vacancy year 2015-16. The notification of revised Recruitment Rules for these grades, wherever required, is currently under process. Also, new Recruitment Rules are to be notified for the Executive Assistant grade. All this is likely to take some more time. It would therefore be advisable to conduct DPCs for 2015-16 without awaiting notification of new/revised Recruitment Rules."
"For the 'Executive Assistants(E.A) grade, which has been approved to be created by merger of the grades of OS, Sr.TA & Steno Gr.', the new Recruitment Rules for Executive Assistant cadre Is also not yet notified. Therefore, I am directed to clarify that current Recruitment Rules for the grades of OS. Sr.TA & Steno Gr. I (which would merge into the single cadre of Executive Assistant upon notification of the Recruitment Rules for the latter) may be utilized by DPCs. In other words, DPCs for promotion of Sr. TA to OS, TA to Sr.TA and Steno Gr.II (erstwhile Steno Grade III) to Setno Gr. I are to be conducted. The additional posts created under restructuring have already been distributed among, OS, Sr.TA and Steno Grade-I, vide CBOT letter no HRD/CM/102/10/2014-15/1510 dt. 27.05.2014."
"The DPCs may kindly be conducted by 31.07.2015 in all cadre controlling Regions. The above instructions will be applicable for vacancy year 2015-16. Separate instructions will be issued for vacancy year 2016-17."
Click here for the instruction

JCA broke silence : No headway in meeting with CBDT

The 4th meeting of Personnel Grievance Redressal Committee (PGRC) at apex level was held on 10.6.2015 under the Chairmanship of Member (P&V) CBDT.
Earlier, a meeting with JCA and Member(P) was convened on 09-06-2015. After nearly a week ITGOA and ITEF came out with the outcome of those meetings which practically yielded no result except assurances! Gist of the meetings as available in the associations' websites are being provided below.
Promotion from ITO to ACIT : We have given a detailed account on this issue in our Circular No. 9, dated 29-05-2015 wherein it was stated that the calculation of vacancy for R.Y.s 2013-14, 2014-15 & 2015-16 would be finalized in a meeting with Member (P) and JCA on 8th/9th June, 2015. The meeting was convened on 09-06-2015 and even after a deliberation of more than 2 hours, the official side and JCA could not agree in determining the number of vacancies for the said R.Y.s. The matter was again discussed in the PGRC Meeting on 10-06-2015 and it was decided that the issue would be finalized as early as possible after a discussion between the Chairperson and the Member (P). I would like to mention here that it had been decided that the promotion of 180 officers from ITO to ACIT, as it was done in R.Y. 2013-14, was not sacrosanct and the vacancies would be recalculated as per the guide lines and various O.M.s of DoPT. In all likelihood, the CHQ expects the matter to be finalised within a fortnight. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Annual General Transfer order from ACIT to Pr CCIT issued

AGT for all All India cadres have been issued by CBDT in the last few days. Today the only remaining order in the grade of CITs has also been issued.
All orders are available in but as the site is restricted for IRS officers only, link of the orders are provided below for general employees.
Order for Pr CCIT/CCIT
Order for Pr CIT
Order for CIT
Order for Addl/Jt CIT (1)
Order for Addl/Jt CIT (2)
Order for ACIT/DCIT
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