Thursday, August 18, 2016

Posting order of newly promoted ACITs released

All newly promoted ACITs have been retained in their respective region up to AGT 2017.
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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Draft Recruitment Rule of ITO does not mention mandatory examination for newly promoted ITOs.

CBDT uploaded draft recruitment rule of ITOs a few days ago. The rule does not contain any condition for ITOs to qualify in any examination after promotion for their further increment.
Click here for Draft RR of ITO
Though not available in a any service condition, CBDT is going ahead with the examination agenda and NADT is in the process of devising the examination pattern.
As informed by sources, the proposed examination will be held twice in a year, with 100 as full marks. General and SC/ST candidates have to obtain 50 and 45 respectively for qualifying.
The exam may be of three parts, Objective, Subjective and Internal Assessment by RTIs after training.
DIT exam is likely to hold the examination.
It is not clear whether CBDT can impose this sort of mandatory examinations without incorporating them in the recruitment rules ? Hope, association is considering the legal path beside agitation.
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Thursday, August 4, 2016

After long silence ITGOA issued circular No. 4

As per the communication under reference, following information is obtained from ITGOA central leadership after long silence.
Major Demands and action point taken on MCM on Bengaluru.
The dossiers for the Vacancy Year 2014‐15 is to be sent to the UPSC alongwith the comments of the DoPT & DoLA immediately for the regular promotion.
The regularization of promotions for the Vacancy Year 2015‐16 is also to be taken up subsequently.  The completion of deficient APARs for the Vacancy Year 2016‐17 is to be taken up on war‐footing.  
The promotion for the Vacancy Year 2016‐17 may also be effected on ad‐hoc basis also if it is felt that the regular DPC will take more time.
The members of ITGOA will be asked not to appear in the proposed examination after the completion of the training programme for the newly promoted ITOs. 
MSTUs to come under the Administrative control of DTRTI in place of the Pr.CCIT. 
Adequate training is to be provided to the officers and officials for e‐assessment. 
Current Developments
The vigilance clearance and the gradation have been asked for by the Ad‐VI section on 19‐07‐2016 for sending the proposal to the UPSC for regular promotion for the Vacancy Year 2014‐15.
ITGOA met the Chairman & Member(P), CBDT on 20‐07‐2016 demanding no training of the promotees of the 2015‐16 batch till 31‐12‐2016 and minimum displacement of this batch in the T & P, 2016. After the discussion, the Member(P), CBDT agreed to both the proposals and it had been decided that there would be no training of the promotee officers of the 2015‐16 batch till 31‐ 03‐2017. 
In regard to the deficient APARs required for the ACIT promotion of Vacancy Year 2016‐17, more than 300 deficient cases are still pending as on 03‐08‐2016. The number of deficiency is likely to increase as the o/o DIT(PR, PP & OL) has just initiated the job of finding the deficiencies in those cases where the dossiers were kept by the CBDT for the promotion of R.Y. 2015‐16. 
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Friday, July 29, 2016

Last date of return filing extended up to 5th August 2016

CBDT extended last date of filing I T returns up to 5th August 2016 from existing 31st July to enable the taxpayers to pay tax inspite of bank strike today and bank holiday on 31st July.

"As per provisions of Section 139(1) of Income-tax Act 1961, Central Board of Direct Taxes extends the due date for filing returns of Income for Assessment Year 2016- 2017 from 31st July, 2016 to 5th July,2016 , in case of taxpayers throughout India who are liable to file their Income-tax by 31st July, 2016. 

This extension is given in order to avoid any inconvenience to the taxpayers while making payment of taxes pertaining to returns of income for Assessment Year 2016- 2017 by 31st July, 2016 due to reports of Bank strike on 29th July,2016(Friday) and 31st July,2016 (Sunday), being a Bank-Holiday . " - PIB Press Release

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Option for posting sought from the newly promoted ACITs

All newly promoted ACITs may exercise option for posting as directed by CBDT.
The option to be given using the online window for this purpose which will be operational between 28.07.2016 and 04.08.2016.
The officer concern may indicate 5 choices of CCA Regions including one deficient region such as Bihar & Jharkhand, Kerala, Odisha, Tamilnadu and West Bengal & Sikkim.
Click here for the letter seeking option
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