Friday, December 29, 2017

IT offices to remain open this weekend !

In order to complete time barring assessments, all field offices to remain open on 30th and 31st December 2018. Different cadre controlling CCITs had issued order in this regard.
A sample order from West Bengal and Sikkim region is reproduced here.
  Click for the order
IPR to filed online
Online submission of Immovable Property Return (IPR) as on 01.01.2018 through Property Return & Intimation Module (PRI) module of HRMS
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Thursday, November 30, 2017

WB & Sikkim released ITO promotion order

39 Inspectors have been promoted as Income Tax Officer on adhoc basis. New ITOs will continue to discharge the functions and duties on "in situ" basis in their present office until further order.
Click here for the promotion order (ITGOA WB website)

Update on ITO promotion in WB & Sikkim charge

Recent Update : Promotion order released. Click here for details
The DPC meeting concluded yesterday but the minutes is yet to be signed by all members of the committee. The promotion order of 46/47 ITOs to be released thereafter.
The admin is being flooded with request for update and hence this is for kind information to all concerned.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

JCA called for agitation again : call for non submission of reports

Due to some personal reasons, the blog could not be updated for a week. In this week, the long awaited promotion in the cadre of ACIT has been released. The news of this promotion was published in this blog on 30th October and it was not a "fake news" !
Now we have to wait for the consequential promotions in different charges as well. the JCA leaders may look into the process of regularization of these promotions at the earliest. Already three batches of ACITs are working on ad hoc basis. As per DOPT rules, the ad hoc promotions ceases to exist after one year, unless the period is extended. The extension has been made only for the first batch for six months, which also has been expired. There is no extension of consequential promotions made so far. Those who are retiring in between with ad hoc promotions (not extended) is compelled to get benefits as per their old post before promotion.
Meanwhile central JCA called for non submission of reports  'As you all know that the pressure of multiple and repetitive reports, even inventing new proforma for reports, as asked by the Pr.CCsIT/CCsIT/Pr.CsIT in all 18 regions of tax‐India have become unbearable and the assessing officers are getting suffocated more and more as they approach the time‐barring date."
"In such scenario, the Central JCA has taken decision to give call to its members not to submit any report, from 16‐11‐2017 itself, except i) the Statutory Reports, ii) Reply to the Parliament Questions, iii) Reply to the Audit Objections and iv) any particular Report asked by the CBDT in addition to the statutory ones."
Congratulations to new ACITs !
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