Friday, July 29, 2016

Last date of return filing extended up to 5th August 2016

CBDT extended last date of filing I T returns up to 5th August 2016 from existing 31st July to enable the taxpayers to pay tax inspite of bank strike today and bank holiday on 31st July.

"As per provisions of Section 139(1) of Income-tax Act 1961, Central Board of Direct Taxes extends the due date for filing returns of Income for Assessment Year 2016- 2017 from 31st July, 2016 to 5th July,2016 , in case of taxpayers throughout India who are liable to file their Income-tax by 31st July, 2016. 

This extension is given in order to avoid any inconvenience to the taxpayers while making payment of taxes pertaining to returns of income for Assessment Year 2016- 2017 by 31st July, 2016 due to reports of Bank strike on 29th July,2016(Friday) and 31st July,2016 (Sunday), being a Bank-Holiday . " - PIB Press Release


Anonymous said...

An appeal to the author of Simpleincometax. Sir, please make use of your good offices to get the consequential promotions of ITI to ITO in Tamil Nadu by getting an instruction/guidelines from the CBDT to fill up the consequential promotions . Because here in Tamil Nadu the leaders of ITEF are not doing anything for the welfare of the promotional aspirants. Instead they are wasting off the time.You can. Please do

Anonymous said...

Mumbai admin has developed habit of conducting regular dpc in december
Even they dont oblize cbdt's instruction of conducting dpc in the start of vacancy year
Their arrogance has reached to climax
Itef is sleeping

Anonymous said...

It seems there is complete lack of coordination in the way they extended the deadline..otherway they asked us to attend the office on the 30th and most of the tax payers opting for e-filing, whats the need?

Anonymous said...

August 1, 2016 at 9:18 PM requested to use good offices with board to issue instruction for consequential vacancies of adhoc acit promotions. This shows that how much now a days Simple income tax giving correct updated information. These subscription money collecting unions not at all informing any thing in this issue. Keep it up Simple IT.

Anonymous said...

Please rectify it is not LAST DATE it is DUE DATE.

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